8 Vintage Lighting Choices You Need To Incorporate In Your Next Reno

Inside: There’s nothing better than vintage decor in a modern home. Check out these 8 vintage lighting choices to find the perfect light to add to your space.

There’s one thing I just can’t get enough of.


I’m completely serious. There was a short stint when I lived in a basement bedroom and in that one room alone I had 15 light bulbs.


I would come home, flip the switch and think about how much electricity I was using, but I just couldn’t part with the light. And I would have gladly squeezed in some bedside wall sconces  and a pendant light with a few more lightbulbs if I could have.

The point is lighting is paramount to the way your space feels.

Not just from the perspective of the amount and type of light the room has, but also the design of the lighting fixture itself. You change out a pendant lamp and create an entirely different feel to your bedroom. Or add some wall sconces to your bathroom and go from bland to perfection.

And what better way to add an extra dose of character to a room then with vintage lighting. I’ve gathered 4 of my favorite vintage lighting fixtures and 4 of their modern vintage-inspired counterparts.

Find the one the speaks to you and add it to your renovations mood board stat.

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Vintage Lighting Pieces To Inspire Your Entire Room

  1. Royere Sconces
  2. Jasper 1 Light Wall Sconce
  3. Smoke Glass Globe Pendant Light
  4. Sphere 1 Light Mini Pendant
  5. Italian Brass Chandelier
  6. Upton 6 Light Chandelier
  7. Brass Dome Light
  8. Mambo Polished Brass Pendant

Remember, next time you feel the urge to change things up a bit, look no further than the light fixtures in your home.

Tell me, which vintage light fixture is your favorite? 


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