Become A Master At The Transitional Home Decor Style With These Secrets

Inside: Confused about your home decor style? Learn more about the elements that make up the transitional home decor style.

Let's talk about transitional style decor. What the heck is it really?

It sounds similar to traditional style and it certainly has some roots in traditional decor, but it's more than that.

Really, it's traditional meets contemporary. Imagine mish-mashing your great aunt's formal living room with your best friend's modern taste.

It's refined but totally unfussy. It's clean-lined but not cold.

It's a style you can actually live in.

Casual. Relaxed. Chic.

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Dissecting The Transitional Home Decor Style

Let's take a closer look at exactly how to achieve the transitional style.

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Clean Lines & Curves

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Another element that defines transitional style decorating is the effortless blend of contemporary furnishings and traditional furnishing.

In the picture above, the very simple, clean-lined coffee table represents the modern decorating element while the blue tufted sofa and the rolled arm of the linen sofa hint at traditional roots. 

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Clean Lines & Curves

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