How To Style A Beautiful Bohemian Sofa With 6 Pillows Or Less

Inside: Instantly change the look of your living room by creating a beautiful Bohemian sofa with just a few accessories.

As I write this post, I’m sitting in my brand spankin’ new home on a lovely air mattress-turned-sofa, covered with a blanket.

It’s very glamorous. Please try to contain your jealousy.

We put off buying “nice” furniture for 5 years while we were renting, so when we knew everything with the new home was official we sold off all our old furniture. And apparently, we’re pretty terrible at planning so our couch isn’t arriving until a week after we move in.

Add to the fact that we didn’t measure for window coverings beforehand and our house looks like a bunch of college kids who’d rather spend their money on going out to eat instead of necessities.

But enough about my hillbilly side.

Right now, I’m dreaming about creating the perfect blend of age, texture, and style. I’m dreaming about styling a beautiful bohemian sofa that everyone will love.

3 Insanely Easy Steps To Styling A Bohemian Sofa

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Choose A Sofa

The first step in creating a boho sofa is, of course, the sofa itself. There are a few styles and materials that easily lend themselves to the boho feel, but honestly, you can take almost every sofa and give it a boho flair.

Leather sofas are a great neutral base and add an organic feel that exemplifies bohemian style. If you don’t want leather, stick with cloth sofas in neutral shades of beige, grays, denim blues or white.

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Below are a few other sofas that are the perfect foundation for creating a bohemian living room.

bohemian living room | interior design | gray sofa

Lounge II Slipcovered Sofa in Twilight

leather sofa | living room decor | decorating ideas for the home

Canape Oxford Honey Leather Sofa

linen sofa | decorating tips | how to style couch

 Volo Designs Cameron Sofa 

Find The Right Collection of Bohemian Pillows

The boho decorator can’t resist bohemian pillows. Handmade vintage textiles just have that special je ne sais quois.

It’s the mixture of the hand made fabric, together with the story of who made it and where it’s been, all coupled with the knowledge that this is the only one of its kind that makes a girl want to own every boho pillow she sees.

I say choose the pillows that you see and instantly think, “I have to have that”. Some keywords to search for boho pillows include kilim, shibori, mudcloth, ikat (vintage), hmong, african, indigo, batik and baule to name a few.

Red Kilim Pillow

Vintage African Mudcloth Pillow Cover

Hemp Handwoven Pillow

Hmong Hill Tribe Pillow

Hmong Hill Tribe Pillow #2

Turkish Kilim Pillow

Decide On Your Sofa Decorating Style

You may have seen me use the 3 level decorating style in this post about decorating your nightstand, but it applies equally as well here.

The minimalist wants only their most beloved boho pillows to be proudly displayed. Often, they’ll want near identical symmetry to balance the room.

The neutralist will have one or two more pillows but each one will be different and work together to create a cohesive feel.

Finally, the maximalist will want to show off as many pillows as possible (without looking crazy).

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Normally I’d fall into the minimalist/neutralist style, but when it comes to styling pillows on a couch I find myself gravitating to the maximalist style. There are just so many beautiful pillows I want to display and not enough space.

As soon as I get my hands on our new sofa, I’ll be headed straight for these vintage bohemian pillows!

Would you refresh your sofa with these boho pillows? Let me know in the comments below. 



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