How To Create An Effortlessly Chic Parisian Living Room You’ll Love

Inside: Learn the secrets to a high style Parisian living room that will take your breath away.

Whether we admit it or not, each one of us secretly wants to be a Parisian girl. I mean, who wouldn’t when you think about the fashion, the rich history, and the delicious food.

Check. Check. And Check.

I’ll be on the next plane to Paris. After my kids grow and leave my home, that is.

But until then, I’ll be swooning over creating my own little refuge of effortless Parisian style. 

5 Secrets To Achieving A Chic Parisian Living Room In Your Own Home

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Use A Neutral Color Palette

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Sticking with a neutral wall color like white, cream or ivory allows the detailed architecture to shine and the decor to make the room pop.

Accent The Room With Gilded Pieces

It’s not chic without some gold, but to have the authentic Parisian style, you’ll need some fabulous vintage gilded mirrors or frames. They add a glam aspect to the room without making it feel over the top and fussy.

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Mix Modern With Vintage

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Parisians love to have their home feel carefully curated. The vintage pieces, like the gilded mirror or wood side table, not only have an intricate design but also hint at a past story waiting to be told. But, the new Parisian style doesn’t focus solely on vintage decor.

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There is an easy blend of modern pieces to offset the look. The linen sofa below has unique turned wood legs, but a modern, tailored design that’s ideal for this Parisian style living room. The floor lamp and coffee table also add sleek, modern touches to the room.

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Rich Colored Accents

Somewhere along the way, colors like plum, navy, and blush pink made their way into Parisian decor. Pillows are a simple way to bring in a splash of color without the commitment of a staple, like an emerald green sofa.

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Unique Style

There’s one thing you won’t find in a Parisian’s home and that’s run-of-the-mill decorations. Unusual choices, like the giant beetle artwork or the multi-face bowl, add a sense of quirkiness that’s essential for effortless style. Remember, you’re looking for things that speak to you, no matter how bold or bizarre they might seem.

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Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite aspect of Parisian style? Let me know in the comments below. 





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