This Moody Mid Century Dining Room Design Will Make You Swoon

Inside: A moody Mid Century dining room that you can’t help but love.

I can’t help but lie.

Not in the psychopathic, I lie about everything way, but in the, I lie through my home decor way. I don’t think that’s an official diagnosis yet but maybe once the Board of People Who Make New Diagnoses (BPWMND) sees this post (which I’m sure they will) they’ll make it one.

Because you see, if you take a look at this moody mid century dining room below or this global & modern bohemian bedroom, you’d think I was an outdoorsy kind of gal.

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This mid century dining room is chic and moody thanks to the combination of forest greens, blacks, warm woods and pops of brass accents.


You’d be dead wrong.

Recently, my husband cajoled me into going camping with him and our 2 young boys. Well, let me stop there. If he was reading this he’d say we did NOT go camping because we didn’t sleep in a tent.

I made him book a room at the closest lodge, so in truth, we went “lodging”.

But before said lodging occurred I was outside in the wilderness with no indoor plumbing, no iPhone, no Hulu show lineups and no makeup. Just kidding, I wore makeup. I always wear makeup.

To me, that qualifies as camping. But to my husband, it means diddly squat.

Maybe next time he feels the urge to go camping as a family I’ll set up a tent in the middle of our living room and tell him all you need to do to go camping is sleep in a tent. Then voila, both parties are happy as a clam.

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Anyway, the point is, I love this woodsy, outdoors inspired dining room. And if I had this room in my house, strangers would think, “wow, she must love the mountains”.

But you know me better.

You know I just love to lie.

A Dark & Brooding Mid Century Dining Room

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