7 Telltale Signs You’re In Love With Modern Farmhouse Decor

Inside: Discover whether the modern farmhouse decor style is right for you.

It’s the elephant in the room.

No one can possibly discuss modern farmhouse decor without mentioning Joanna Gaines. She and her husband have taken the decorating world by storm with their insanely popular tv show, Fixer Upper.

If you watch the show you’ll certainly have an idea of what farmhouse decorating is all about, but here are the 7 telltale signs that will tell you exactly whether the modern farmhouse style is right for you.

Is Modern Farmhouse My Decorating Style?

What's My Decorating Style: Modern Farmhouse Decor | Check out the 7 telltale signs you're into the farmhouse look.via Schoolhouse Electric

  1. You Think Shiplap Is The New Drywall: Whether you are true to the authentic shiplap or like the more refined faux shiplap, you believe a wall looks naked without some planking on them. Traditionalists love white shiplap, while black or gray shiplap appeals to the modernists.I'm totally in love with this modern farmhouse decor in this kitchen!!! via House of Jade Interiors
  2. You Are The Master of Neutrals: You never met a shade of white, brown or gray you didn’t like. Your rooms are filled with texture and layers, but are perfectly pull together by the neutral color palette.Modern Farmhouse decor at it's finest! Obsessed with the layers in this bedroom. So cozy!!via Zero Ten Design
  3. Cozy Is The Name Of Your Game: There’s no stark or sterile spaces here. Every inch of your home is thoughtfully curated to create the warmest welcome imaginable. You love having tons of pillows and enough throws to keep warm just in case the power goes out. In Antartica.The barn door is a farmhouse decor staple. This is absolute perfection!!via Artistic Designs For Living
  4. There’s No Doors On Hinges In Sight: You wouldn’t dream of leaving your door on a hinge. You know every door should slide. You love the rustic, yet refined look of barn doors and how they add a little extra charm to the room.This is the epitome of modern farmhouse style. Loving the rustic yet refined elements of this kitchen! via Country Living
  5. Oversized Pendants Are Your Best Friends: You can’t get enough of the oversized industrial pendants. They call to you every time you walk in the room and they’re the perfect company.This little girl's room is loaded with modern farmhouse decor style. Loving the mix of botanical wallpaper and bedding. via H2 Design + Build
  6. You Know Botanicals Aren’t Just For Granny: You, the modern farmhouse gal that you are, knows the best way to create a chic, yet country vibe is to use botanical prints. Wallpaper, bedding, pillows; you don’t care where they are, you just need some floral prints.The modern farmhouse does rustic in exactly the right way. Loving this modern farmhouse entryway. via Jute Home
  7. You Do Rustic Right: Your home isn’t overloaded with rustic pieces in every room. Instead, you sprinkle rustic accents throughout the house to create the most impact.
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Ideal Elements Of The Modern Farmhouse Decor Style

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  1. Shiplap
  2. Lantern Pendant
  3. Recycled Glass Parisian Bottle Vase
  4. Cow Photography Print
  5. Stratford Stony Gray Wash Salvaged Wood Dining Table
  6. Marlow Black Wood Dining Chair
  7. Caitlin Wilson Navy Burnside Buffalo Check Pillow
  8. Caitlin Wilson Bluebelle Pillow
  9. Declan Rug In Gray And Blue

How Do I Create A Modern Farmhouse Space?

  • Learn to layer cozy, neutral pieces throughout your house. In the living room and bedroom think of pillows, bedding and throws. In the bathroom and kitchen, opt for wood accents and greenery.
  • Purchase oversized, industrial style pendants to give your home that bucolic vibe.
  • Add in just a few rustic pieces. Modern farmhouse style still incorporates the time-worn, rustic look, but in small doses. This helps keep the space from looking too country.
  • Pick your favorite spot and shiplap it up. Shiplap and wall planking epitomize the modern farmhouse look.
  • Sneak in a few botanical textiles to give your room a granny chic look.

So, what do you think? Is the modern farmhouse style your interior decorating style?


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