Learn How To Decorate Your House Like A Pro With This Simple Formula

Inside: Learn my 3 step formula for how to decorate your house like a pro without driving yourself insane. It’ll give you that perfect, layered look you’re craving!

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Oh my gosh, I’ve just spent the last month of my life glued to my phone. Every waking second of every day I’m scrolling through the endless options of furniture, lighting, and decor for my new home.

Who knew your forearm could get so tired from endlessly flicking your pointer finger up over and over for hours a day?!

You might be picturing me like a female Golem with my preciousssss phone and my oily hair dangling in my face, but that’s a little overkill. Unless you talk to my husband. He’d probably agree with that statement. 

But seriously, I had no idea exactly how many things I had to buy for a new house!

There are just so many choices.

What color should I paint the room? What sofa looks the best, will stand up to my boys, and is in our price point? Will this mirror make my room look too stuffy? Speaking of the room, how should we arrange the furniture? Should we go with 2 sofas? One sofa and 2 chairs? One sofa and 4 chairs? Which knick knacks should I get to decorate the shelves? What exactly is a Paddywack? Would that look good in here too?!

You get the point.

I was so excited to move into our family’s first house that I wasn’t anticipating this much indecision. I mean, I know that I’m a researcher, but still.

It turns out I will spend an hour just trying to find the perfect Turkish towel to go with my new kitchen.

I will spend a month (and counting) waiting for the perfect vintage rug to pop up for sale.

I will spend days researching how to paint my window trim black.

I’m obsessive, it’s true. But, the planning and researching are actually what make all this fun for me.

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After all this inner turmoil and indecision, I’ve come up with a fool-proof plan on how to decorate your house like a pro.

Are you ready for this?!

It’s a little formula that goes something like this:

old + new + you = expertly curated home

So, what exactly does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s break it down:


In every room in your home you want to have something that gives the room age and a sense of being collected. I didn’t have that fit in this category in our last townhome, so now I’ve been scouring eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Chairish and EBTH to find the perfect vintage or antique to go in our rooms.

It really can be anything you want from vintage furniture to art, to rugs, pottery or whatever. I’ve been amazed at the craftsmanship of vintage items. They definitely don’t make many things like that anymore.


Now, you don’t want your entire room to look like you stepped into the 70’s. Yeah, mid-century is awesome and I have a lot of mid-century accents in my new house already, but you can overdo it. The most curated and interesting homes have layers.

The most curated and interesting homes have layers. Not just physical layers like blankets or rugs or art, but decor that is layered throughout time periods. You want a mid-century inspired lighting fixture with an early American oak dresser and a modern velvet sofa. So make sure you have some new pieces in the room as well.


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This is where the fun comes in. All you have to do to check this one off the list is to find at least one special thing that is just so “you”.  I have no idea what will qualify for you in this category, but I’m sure you’ll know it when you see it. It’s usually something quirky that you’re drawn to or something you just have to have.

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In my living room, my “you” is a pair of vintage brass crane figurines. I saw them at an estate sale and immediately knew I needed. I didn’t have anywhere to put them, but I loved them so much I was certain I’d find the right place.

And that’s it. So easy in theory, right? Now that you know the secret to decorating your house like an expert, show me your pictures; I’d love to see it in action!


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