This Is How To Decorate An Entryway In 5 Simple Steps

Inside: Learn how to decorate an entryway and get the perfectly styled console table.

Entryways are like the mom jeans of your house.

Instead of spending time crafting the perfect welcome home space, you opt for a functional, comfortable space completely devoid of any style.

And then one day you look in the mirror and wonder what the heck you were ever thinking…

Today is that day.

Don’t spend one more second in those frumpy pants.

Today I’m going to show you how to take your entryway from drab to style perfection with these 5 simple tips.

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How To Decorate An Entryway That’ll Dazzle

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Start With Your Console Table

The console table (or dresser) you choose will have the greatest impact in setting the tone of your entryway. In the sample entryway table above, I wanted to blend vintage and modern and have the result be fresh, classic and timeless.

This console table is a vintage 19th-century Spanish piece. I love vintage decor (like this amazing vintage bathroom) and knew this would be the perfect foundation for the rest of the entryway.

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Anchor The Entryway With Art Or A Mirror

Here’s where one of the hardest decisions comes into play….

Mirror or Art?

I flip flop all the time because there are way too many great options available, but I finally settled on this gorgeous photograph of a countryside.

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It plays beautifully with the rustic console table to set a calming tone.

Because when you’re trying to wrangle what feels like 10 wild maniacs kids (but is only really 2) out the door to get to school before the bell rings, you’re gonna need all the calming vibes you can get.

Either way, go big! The art (or mirror) helps define the entryway space and there’s nothing worse than a wimpy, under scale piece of art that looks like an afterthought.

The art (or mirror) helps define the entryway space and there’s nothing worse than a wimpy, under scale piece of art that looks like an afterthought.

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Add A Little Light

You can never have too much light.

Remember that story about me having 15 lightbulbs in my basement bedroom? Well, it rings true on the main level too.

Having a little extra table lamp is ideal for flipping on as soon as you get home or to add some mood lighting to your entryway. I love the matte black color and the organic round shape of this table lamp to offset the art and console table.

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Pick Out Some Greens

A little greenery goes a long way.

Just look at that single leaf hanging out in the white vase. It’s all unassuming and self-assured. And it balances the left side of the console table perfectly with its height and visual weight.

Whatever plant you choose to go in the entryway, make sure it’s either fake or has adequate sunlight to flourish. I’m loving these white vases from West Elm.

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P.S. You can buy that faux Taro leaf here.

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Pepper In Some Decorative Accents

Don’t be boring.

Here’s your chance to show some of your personality.

Pick a small catchall bowl, some meaningful (or beautiful) books and some quirky decorative accents that speak just to you.

Here I’ve chosen a mini black bowl to hold loose pocket change and a geometric piece of marble. Both items (plus the lamp and vase) modernize the entryway so it doesn’t end up feeling too rustic.

How To Decorate An Entryway Summary

  1. Pick a console table (remember what sort of vibe you want it to be- see above)
  2. Anchor the space with a mirror or piece of art
  3. Add in light
  4. Choose the perfect greenery
  5. Sprinkle in decorative accents

Just like that and you’ll take your entryway from mom jeans to skinny jeans in just an afternoon. #workit



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