15 Home Styling Cheat Sheets That Will Blow Your Mind

Inside: Learn all the tips and tricks to home styling with these awesome decorating cheat sheets.

In two short days, I’ll be living the American dream:

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and loving it. I mean, I’ll be an official homeowner!

Along with all the anticipation and excitement is this pit in my stomach that won’t go away.

And it’s not from the impending debt I’ll soon be facing. It’s actually much more frightening that that:

I’m afraid I’ll make a huge home styling mistake and I won’t even know it.

With this fear in mind, I collected 15 of my favorite home styling cheat sheets to help me create a fabulous and functional new space.

If you’re wondering if you’ve been making some huge decorating mistakes without even knowing it, check out these awesome decorating infographics.

Home Styling Cheat Sheets To The Rescue

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This Living Room Rug Guide Will Make You A Decorating Genius:

Everyone always wonders, what size rug do I actually need for my living room? Check out my thoughts on following “rug rules” and then use this cheat sheet to decide exactly how you want your living room to look.

Rug Placement | Rug Guidelines | Rug Rules

The Easiest House Plants To Keep Alive:

Easy and plants aren’t the first two words I pair together, but Lauren Conrad is the master of all things chic and beautiful so when she tells me what plants I should have in my home, I listen! Read about all the plants individually here. 

Indoor Plants | Home Styling Tips | Interior Cheat Sheet

Decorating Tips For First Time Home Buyers:

If the thought of having to make your mark on your home is terrifying, then this infographic can ease your fears by going over all the major home decorating tips you need to know.

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Decorating Tips | Home Styles | DIY decorating

7 Astonishingly Simple Home Decorating Ideas That Make You Happier:

With just a few minor tweaks, you can be on your way to happier life. Check out these home decor tricks that’ll have you smiling in no time at all.

Interior decorating isn't all about looks. Implement these 7 easy home decor tricks to create a happier home.

Headboard Sizing Guide:

If you’re struggling to determine what size and kind of headboard you need for your bed, then this guide by Remodelaholic will have you smooth sailing. Check it out for the full details here. 

home decor ideas | interior design cheat sheet | home decor

Choosing The Right Lightbulb:

If you think lumens and CFL are the latest slang on the street then this quick and handy post about selecting the perfect lighting for your home is a must read.

Decorating Ideas For The Home | How To Style House | Home Decor

Anatomy Of A Staircase:

This diagram is for all those times when you’re describing the part of the staircase as the “thingy at the bottom of the stairs”. No more sleepless nights wondering exactly what a newel post is.

Interior decor | Home decorating ideas | decorating cheat sheets

The Remarkably Easy Way To Pick Your Dining Room Rug Size:

Can’t get enough rug lectures? Then you’ll love this quick read on how to easily find the perfect sized rug for your dining room.

Dining room rug size | decorating cheat sheet | rug tips

Luxury Bedding Guide:

If you want every day to feel like the Ritz Carlton, then you need to learn exactly how to make a luxurious bed at home. This graphic will help you do just that.

The Interior Design Guide To Coloring Your Home:

Plan your home according to the moods you want each room to evoke with this comprehensive infographic to choosing the right color for your home.

How To Feng Shui Your Home:

Learn the basics of Feng Shui for your home in the time it takes to load the dishwasher with this handy infographic. Who knows, with this increased balance in your home you may even start to enjoy loading the dishes.

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Property Brothers Design Cheatsheet:

Learn for the cream of the crop with these super handy interior styling cheat sheets for furniture spacing throughout your house.

decorating infographic | how to decorate your home

How To Keep A Small Space Organized:

Learn to think in a different way with this infographic on clever ways to maximize storage and space in a small area.

Interior decor | Home decorating ideas | decorating cheat sheets

Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Smaller:

If you’re feeling like the walls are caving in on you at home, you may be making one of these deadly home styling mistakes.

How To Maximize Space | Decorating Mistakes | Infographic

So, how’d you score? Let me know if you’ve been violating any home styling tips in the comments below.


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