Here’s How To Make An Amazing Vintage Bathroom Bursting With Style

Inside: Check out these easy steps to design an amazing vintage bathroom.

This is the story of a rug.

Not just any rug, mind you. A rug that will transform your life. Or at least your bathroom.

You see, the first time I saw a picture of an antique rug in the bathroom I thought, “that’s disgusting”. Who in their right mind would put a nice rug in the bathroom?

Then I Had A Moment of Realization

Stylish people would. People who know the value of making a biohazard of a room turn from an ugly duckling into the most beautiful swan.

Not a white swan but a black, dark and broody one. Because when you add a vintage rug to the bathroom you, my friend, will become stylish. And you’ll want to show everyone your new bathroom.

But that’s not all….

That drop-dead gorgeous rug is just one part of this vintage style bathroom. It might be the icing on the cake, but all the rest of the pieces fit together perfectly to create the coolest eclectic vibe you’ve ever seen.

This vintage bathroom mixes matte black fixtures with brass and wood like nobody’s business. And just take one look at that tub and tell me you don’t want it. I won’t believe you. Everyone wants that clawfoot tub. 

Add in all the small details like the vintage style art print, the amber glass soap dispenser, the Turkish towels and the white hexagon tile and you’re bound to want to spend every waking minute in this newly-designed bathroom of yours.

Imagine dying to clean the bathroom because you can’t help but keep yourself away from this new beauty.

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Yeah, that could all be yours if you create this vintage style bathroom in your home.

Do it.

I’ve already got this mood board filed away for my home. Just don’t tell my husband.

All the right items you need to create a vintage bathroom with black and white elements and a touch of eclectic style.

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Everything You Need To Design A Vintage Bathroom Bursting With Style

  1. Black Wall Lamp
  2. Oversized Brass Mirror
  3. Matte Black Faucet
  4. Ceramic Square Sink
  5. Vintage Mid Century Dresser
  6. Cast Iron French Bateau Clawfoot Tub
  7. Fuzzy Catkins Wall Art
  8. Amber Glass Soap Dispenser
  9. Striped Turkish Towels
  10. Vintage Turkish Rug
  11. Porcelain Glazed Mosaic Tile
  12. Brushed Brass Toilet Paper Holder



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