7 Astonishingly Simple Home Decorating Ideas That Make You Happier {INFOGRAPHIC}

Inside:Read these 7 simple home decorating ideas that are proven to make you happier!


That’s the number of websites dishing out tips on how to decorate a home. Talk about overwhelming. There are as many people telling you how to style your home as there are Millenials alive!

So, why listen to any more advice?

One word: science.

Yep, these 7 simple home decor tricks that make you happier aren’t just one person’s opinion on what makes them happy in their house. They’re supported by cold, hard facts.

And if science isn’t your thing, well then, just take my word for it. You’ll want to make these small changes to make your house a happy home in no time.

Home Decorating Ideas For A Happy Home


Interior decorating isn't all about looks. Implement these 7 easy home decorating ideas to create a happier home.

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Start Building (Or Using) a Library: Having a tidy and well-styled bookshelf makes me happy just looking at it, but if you really want to amp up your happiness spend a few minutes reading each day. Short on time? Use books on tape to “read” books while you clean, commute or do the laundry.

Put Pictures of Your Family on the Walls: You don’t always see family pictures in homes that were styled by interior designers, but science proves seeing familiar happy faces can change your mood. The solution? Keep those precious pics on a bedside nightstand where you’ll start and end your day.

Keep a Tidy House: I don’t need a scientific study to tell me I feel more relaxed in a clean home. But sometimes the clutter gets out of hand. Schedule a time at least once a month to do a quick once over of your belongings. Only keep the things you truly need and love.

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Make Your House a Greenhouse: It’s true. Plants add life to your house. Don’t worry about have a black thumb. There are plenty of hard to kill houseplants that are beautiful (and low maintenance) too.

Color Your Home: Studies prove yellow lifts our spirits and makes us more cheerful, but what if you hate the color yellow? Easy solution; skip it. Find the colors that speak to you and add them throughout your house by painting an accent wall, buying new pillows or adding in new accent pieces.

Let the Light Shine On: Natural lighting isn’t just for dreamy IG selfies. Open the blinds and shades and let natural light spill in to instantly set a happy mood.

Another Excuse for Buying More Candles: You can’t ever have enough candles, right? Next time you buy one try using a floral, citrus or pine scents to decrease stress and increase happiness on the spot.

Do you have any secrets to making your home happier? Let me know in the comments below. 


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