This One Simple Trick Is The Key To Elegant Christmas Decor

Inside: Want your home to have elegant Christmas decor? Then learn this one simple trick to achieving it every time.

When decorating your home for the Christmas season there are three things to watch out for.

First, say no to the tinsel. Not even no thank you, just a firm no and walk away. Second, put down the red glitter. Nothing good ever came from a DIY involving red glitter. And third, realize there is one super simple, you-can’t-mess-up-technique for keeping your home elegant and sophisticated during the holidays.


Yep, that’s it.

Learn the amazingly simple decorating trick to elegant Christmas decor in a flash!

Elegant Christmas decor will be sweetly knocking at your door when you use nature’s gift to decorate your home. In case you’re not sure how to use eucalyptus, fir, bay, boxwood (and more) I’ve collected some of my favorite elegant Christmas interiors to inspire you. Add just a hint or a whole lot; either way, your home will be festive and sophisticated.

9 Elegant Christmas Decor Interiors To Inspire Your Seasonal Decorating

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A DIY Citrus Wreath 

This simple citrus wreath is an unexpected and elegant christmas decoration.

via Poppytalk

The bold orange coupled with the natural greens and warmth of the wood evoke a rustic and moody feeling that’s perfect for Christmas. 

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A DIY Citrus Wreath 


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