The Remarkably Easy Way To Pick Your Dining Room Rug Size

Inside: Learn this super simple trick to pick your dining room rug size. You’ll be a master in less than 5 minutes!

Remember last week when I shared my rebellious rule-breaking side with my living room rug rules?

I’m back now to make good on my word with this uber simple dining room rug size tip.

But first, let me paint a picture for you…

This Is The Home Of Your Dreams

Dining room rug size | decorating cheat sheet | rug tips

Imagine walking in. You enter through the front door and immediately notice the subtle glitz of the brushed gold mirror sparkling against the setting sun.

There’s a mid-century console table below it and all of the items sitting atop it are placed at an almost poetic position. You notice the bold burgundy reds of an antique Baluch rug on the floor. The contrast between it and the floor makes it even more stunning.

You can’t believe how beautiful this home is. As you follow the wide hallway to the end your eye zooms in on one and one thing only.

Don’t Make This Same Mistake

The dining room.

Because instead of singing the melodic song of perfect proportions, it shrieks out in horror at you.

The rug, oh the rug!! It’s like a tiny speedo on a very plump, old, wrinkly man. You’re horrified at the sight, but you just can’t seem to look away.

Perhaps I’m A Bit Melodramatic

You get the point.

One glaring mistake and the entire vision is killed. 

Do not let it be the dining room rug. No one wants to be the old man in the speedo. Did I mention he also has back hair like a bear?

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Stick To This One Simple Trick To Determining Your Dining Room Rug Size

Dining room rug size | decorating cheat sheet | rug tips

A beautiful dining room with plenty of rug space via My Domaine

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So here it is: measure the length and width of your dining table and add 24″ around all sides.

This measurement gives you the minimum size your rug should be.

This extra distance will allow you to scoot your chair in and out without getting caught on the rug or sitting half-on, half-off the rug.

Dining room rug size | decorating cheat sheet | rug tips

For example, let’s take this hot ticket, mid century table from West Elm. The medium measures 60″w x 38″d x 30″h, so simply add 24″ and we get 84″w x 62″h.

That gives us a rug size of about 5’x7. Remember, this is the absolute smallest size you want to go with. If you can afford to go larger, then go larger.

To help you visualize better, I’ve created this handy PDF guide of dining room table sizes and different rug sizes. You can download the dining room rug size cheat sheet below:

Above all don’t be that guy in the speedo. Just don’t.

 Dining room rug size | decorating cheat sheet | rug tips


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