7 Fail-Proof Secrets To A Perfectly Cozy Home (Even If You’re Renting)

Inside: Check out these simple tips to creating the cozy home of your dreams.

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is sip your pumpkin-spiced cider while sitting on the couch in your pjs watching Fixer Upper.

Wait, that’s what you do all year long, right?

Well, no matter. It’s fall and you’re feeling as cozy as a chihuahua snuggled on a heating pad.

But how do you create a perfectly cozy home all year long?

Especially when you’re starting with a blank slate; when you just moved into a new home or you’re renting or you simply never got around to making your house feel like a home.


I’ve got 7 fail-proof secrets for taking your empty room from barren and boring to cozy and inviting.

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How To Create A Cozy Home You Love

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Add Texture

Punch up the warm and cozy feeling in any room with added texture, like this velvet couch.

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Add Texture: 

Look at any room that evokes a feeling of coziness and you’ll notice a variety of textures. There are tons of ways to add texture to a space. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

    • Throws: Nothing says cozy quite like a few well-placed throw blankets. Use one on the end of your bed, one draped over the sofa or one carefully tucked into a floor basket.
    • Rugs: The texture and pile of your rug will add texture and aid in the overall feel of your room. Moroccan shag rugs are perfect for casual, boho-feeling spaces while a sisal or jute rug lends the perfect touch of beachy to a California cool space.
    • Couch: Want to up your coziness in a huge way? Then opt for a velvet couch. It brings sophistication, class and a ton of texture to any living room.
    • Woven Baskets/Bins: Natural fiber baskets give yet another texture to an empty space. They can be added a variety of places from entryways to living rooms, bedrooms or even bathrooms.
    • Pillows: An easy and inexpensive way to add texture to a room is to swap out a few standard pillows for pillows that are highly textured. Try out faux fur pillows, crocheted pillows, or even pillows with embroidery or embellishments (like these amazing Anthropologie pillows). 
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Add Texture

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