A Quick Backstory

You know when you see that perfect picture, the one where every detail in the room is complete and utter perfection? Where the robust fiddle leaf tree towers in the corner of the room amidst an airy and white living room? Where the coffee table holds a hammered gold tray filled with a candle, some fresh-from-the-market-flowers and of course one quirky ceramic knick knack?

That’s not my house.

But I’m on a mission to get there.

This blog is my virtual journal where I share all the tips, tricks, and inspiration I’m learning along the way to swoon-worthy magazine style. I know with a little help, some time and a few lots of mistakes we can crush this goal together.

Now imagine the tune from the movie Anastasia and sing along: “If I can learn to do it. You can learn to do it. Something in you knows it. There’s nothing to it. Follow in my footsteps shoe by shoe. You can learn to do it, too.”

Enough with the cheesiness.

If I haven’t scared you away already, here’s a bit about me:

  1. Contrary to my Anastasia reference above, I am a Disney snob. I rarely watch an animated movie not made by Disney. That is until I had kids. Now I watch every animated movie that comes out, including The Spongebob movie. Which is undeniably the worst movie that has ever been created in the history of all time.
  2. I’m in love with the look of vintage rugs (who isn’t?), but can’t help thinking about the years of dirt, boogers, vomit and who-knows-what-else that may have once made themselves into those fibers. Not that I’ve experienced any of those scenarios with my own rugs.
  3. I know that outward beauty isn’t what counts, but I can’t leave the house without a little bit of  makeup on. And if you start to put on makeup, why not finish?
  4. I’m the easiest person in the world to make cry. Like cry at commercials easy. And not just those Sarah Mclachlan rescue animal commercials but Tide commercials. Or Gerber Baby commercials. 
  5. I’m a rule follower and I hate it. It drives me insane, yet I have this internal urge to follow everything to a T. My new goal is to break the rules and become a rebel. I think I’ll start by not flossing tonight. Won’t you join me?

Wanna chat or collaborate? Email me at sam@homedecorify.com